We are proud to present our brand new flagship product: LIVE INK! Check our surprising animated videos, an exceptional tool to help you grab attention in social media, save time in an exhibition or fair, explain an idea, make visible a set of things , present a project or your company . IMAGISTAN creates moving sensations!

Live Ink Video

"live ink" is a short film produced by Pep Vendrell and Vicenç Sallès and drawn by Yorgos Konstantinou for IMAGISTAN 2013. Music by Dumbala Canalla.

Coder Dojo

Look around, mind you see computers everywhere! Our modern world is powered by computers. But what powers computers?
Computers are powered by CODE, store Code written by people, buy cialis by PROGRAMMERS...but there are not enough programmers. What can we do?
Supporting children to become Coder-Poets by teaching each other and having fun while learning!

CoderDojo is set for the job!